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About OpenSong

OpenSong is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of combining lyrics and chords into a single document. Here are the key features of OpenSong:

Key Feature

1.Integrated Lyrics and Chords
With OpenSong, users can effortlessly create lead sheets that include the lyrics of a song along with its corresponding chords. This eliminates the need for separate documents and allows musicians, worship leaders, and performers to have everything they need in one place for seamless performances.

2.Printable or Projectable Lead Sheets
OpenSong provides flexibility in sharing lead sheets. Users have the option to print out the lead sheets for physical use or project them onto a second monitor or screen for easy visibility by the performers or audience. This makes it ideal for various settings, including church services, concerts, and other events.

3.Presentation Mode
OpenSong offers a presentation mode similar to PowerPoint, allowing users to present the lyrics and chords in a visually appealing manner. When presenting, users can control the flow of the lyrics by clicking on the screen, creating a synchronized and professional performance. Additionally, users can set a custom wallpaper to enhance the visual presentation.

4.Versatile Usage
Although OpenSong draws inspiration from religious contexts and includes a song database tailored to this genre, it can also be used for various other types of events. Whether it's poetry recitals, public lectures, or any situation where combining lyrics and chords is beneficial, OpenSong provides a versatile solution.

5.Extensive Song Database
OpenSong comes equipped with a robust song database that reflects its religious influence. This database includes a wide range of religious songs for worship services, but users can also add their own songs and customize the content according to their specific needs. This makes OpenSong a comprehensive tool for managing and organizing a repertoire of songs.

OpenSong serves as an invaluable tool for musicians, performers, and event organizers looking to create lead sheets that conveniently combine lyrics and chords. Whether it's for religious gatherings, poetry recitals, or other events, OpenSong offers a user-friendly platform for seamless and impactful performances.

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


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