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About Ots CD Scratch 1200

Ots CD Scratch 1200 offers a playful and easily navigable virtual turntable setup, providing an immersive experience for those venturing into the world of turntable-style DJing. Its design mimics a traditional DJ booth, complete with two virtual decks, replete with the tactile charm of cables and buttons reminiscent of physical equipment. This visual fidelity to actual DJ setups makes it an engaging starting point for novices who are looking to learn the basics without the costs or complexities of professional-grade software.

Key Feature

1.User-Friendly Design with Experimentation
While the interface may not be the epitome of user-friendliness, its intuitive nature reveals itself as users engage with the program. The absence of mouse-over tooltips for button functionality is a minor barrier, which is easily overcome through a bit of hands-on experimentation. This experiential learning curve adds an element of discovery, making the process of mastering the controls part of the fun. The enjoyment derived from manipulating tracks feels akin to the real feel of scratching records, providing a gratifying entry into DJing for beginners.

Ots CD Scratch 1200 surprises users with an impressive array of features that amplify the DJing experience. It allows DJs to concurrently play two different tracks from the same CD, adding depth to their mixes. The program elevates creativity with the ability to reverse tracks, experimenting with sound in ways that can redefine a listening experience. With the addition of speed control through a straightforward slider, the manipulation of tracks is both precise and intuitive. For those who need guidance, the program offers a comprehensive PDF Help file, aiding users through detailed explanations and instructions.

3.CD-Exclusive with Multi-Player Support
The program stands out for its dedication to CD audio, catering to enthusiasts and DJs who prefer or still possess extensive CD collections. Though it may fall short for those who have transitioned exclusively to digital formats like MP3s, its staunch CD support ensures high-fidelity playback for purists. Further extending its usability, Ots CD Scratch 1200 supports the use of multiple CD drives, allowing for a seamless mixing experience straight from one's physical music library.

4.Free Version Vs. Deluxe Upgrade
Ots CD Scratch 1200 is a gem for those on the lookout for a cost-effective entry into DJing - it is free. The free version is quite robust on its own, but for those wanting to push the envelope, there's a paid Deluxe edition packed with even more advanced features. The installation process is straightforward, albeit with an uninvited desktop icon; however, any concerns fade with its clean uninstallation process. Ots CD Scratch 1200 comes highly recommended for all users—from those taking their first step into DJing to seasoned aficionados with a fondness for CDs.

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Updated onNovember 16, 2010
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November 16, 2010
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Ots CD Scratch 1200 for PC
Turn your computer into a virtual DJ booth with turntables and effects.
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