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About Out of Orbit

Out of Orbit is a captivating space exploration and management game where players design, build, and manage their own spacecraft. The game offers an expansive experience with endless possibilities, allowing players to navigate through randomly generated universes, engage in missions, survive cosmic events, and engage in epic boss battles. This game is perfect for those who dream of venturing into the unknown depths of space.

Features of Out of Orbit

- Crafting Spacecraft: Design and build your own spacecraft tailored to your exploration needs.

- Endless Exploration: Navigate through unlimited, randomly generated universes for endless discovery.

- Dynamic Missions: Engage in various missions that challenge your survival and resource management skills.

- Cosmic Events: Survive and adapt to unpredictable cosmic events that test your readiness and strategy.

- Resource Management: Collect and trade materials to enhance your spacecraft and capabilities.

- Epic Boss Fights: Confront and defeat formidable bosses to prove your mastery over the cosmos.

Release Date of Out of Orbit

20 Oct, 2023

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on20 Oct, 2023
DeveloperBryan de Jong