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About Party Animals

Party Animals is a delightful and whimsical multiplayer game where players engage in playful combat as various adorable creatures such as puppies, kittens, and other fuzzy animals. The game offers both remote and local multiplayer options, allowing friends to join in on the fun whether they're across the room or across the country. Set in a world governed by a realistic physics engine, Party Animals promises a chaotic and hilarious experience as players interact with the environment and each other in unpredictable ways.

Features of Party Animals

- Adorable Characters: Play as a variety of cute animals, each with their own unique abilities and quirks.

- Realistic Physics Engine: Experience a dynamic and interactive world where every action has realistic consequences, adding depth and humor to the gameplay.

- Multiplayer Modes: Enjoy both remote and local multiplayer options, making it easy to gather friends for a fun-filled gaming session.

- Chaotic Fun: Engage in playful fights and interactions that are as hilarious as they are unpredictable, ensuring every session is full of surprises.

Release Date of Party Animals

20 Sep, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on20 Sep, 2023
DeveloperRecreate Games
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