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About Pax Dei

Pax Dei is a massive, social sandbox MMO that draws its inspiration from the rich legends of the medieval era. In this immersive world, myths are not just tales but tangible realities, ghosts roam freely, and magic is a fundamental aspect of life. Players can join thousands of others to explore a vast landscape, build their own homes, shape their reputations, and weave their unique stories. It's a world where the player's actions and decisions contribute to the creation of a dynamic and ever-evolving environment.

Features of Pax Dei

- Mythical Realities: Experience a world where myths and legends are not just stories but part of everyday life, with ghosts and magic woven into the fabric of the game.

- Social Interaction: Engage with thousands of other players in a deeply social environment, fostering community and cooperation as you build your own place in the world.

- Customizable World: Players have the power to shape the world around them, from constructing their homes to influencing the broader narrative through their actions and decisions.

- Dynamic Storytelling: Craft your own stories and influence the larger narrative of the game, making each player's experience unique and personal.

Release Date of Pax Dei

18 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on18 Jun, 2024
DeveloperMainframe Industries