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PAYDAY 2: Black Cat Heist For PC

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About PAYDAY 2: Black Cat Heist

PAYDAY 2: Black Cat Heist is an expansion for the cooperative first-person shooter game PAYDAY 2. This DLC introduces a new heist mission where players take on the role of skilled criminals, planning and executing high-stakes robberies. The game is set in a dynamic world where players can choose their approach, whether it be stealthy or loud, and work together with teammates to achieve their objectives.

Features of PAYDAY 2: Black Cat Heist

- New Heist Mission: Engage in a thrilling new heist that challenges players with unique objectives and scenarios.

- Enhanced Stealth Mechanics: Utilize new stealth options to silently take down enemies and avoid detection.

- Customizable Loadouts: Prepare for the heist by choosing from a variety of weapons, equipment, and skill upgrades to tailor your approach.

- Cooperative Gameplay: Collaborate with up to three other players to strategize, communicate, and execute the perfect heist.

Release Date of PAYDAY 2: Black Cat Heist

13 Oct, 2021

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on13 Oct, 2021
DeveloperOVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
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