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About PAYDAY 2: Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4

PAYDAY 2: Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4 is an expansion pack for the popular cooperative first-person shooter game, PAYDAY 2. Developed by Overkill Software, this pack introduces new content themed around the Jiu Feng crime syndicate, adding fresh challenges and rewards for players who have already delved into the criminal underworld of the base game. The pack is designed to enhance the gameplay experience by offering new weapons, masks, and customization options, all steeped in the lore of the Jiu Feng storyline.

Features of PAYDAY 2: Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4

- New Weapons: Introduces a variety of new firearms and melee weapons, each with unique attributes and customization options, allowing players to tailor their arsenal to their preferred playstyle.

- Exclusive Masks: Features a set of distinctive masks inspired by the Jiu Feng syndicate, providing both aesthetic and gameplay benefits, such as increased concealment or special bonuses.

- Enhanced Customization: Offers new customization options for weapons and masks, including special skins and attachments, enabling players to personalize their gear and stand out during heists.

- Storyline Integration: Deepens the narrative of the Jiu Feng storyline, providing additional context and missions that tie into the broader PAYDAY 2 universe, enhancing the overall immersion and replayability.

Release Date of PAYDAY 2: Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 4

16 Feb, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on16 Feb, 2022
DeveloperOVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
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