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About pCon.planner

pCon.planner is a versatile and user-friendly application designed to facilitate the seamless design of complex spaces. Let's explore the key features of pCon.planner.

Key Feature

1.Easy Creation of Three-Dimensional Spaces
With pCon.planner, designing a three-dimensional room is as easy as clicking to create walls and adding elements such as doors and windows. The intuitive interface and user-friendly tools make it simple for users, whether they are professional interior architects or regular users, to visualize and plan their desired spaces accurately and efficiently.

2.Access to the pCon.catalog
pCon.planner provides direct access to the pCon.catalog, an innovative online product and troubleshooting catalogue from industry leaders. This extensive catalog serves as a source of inspiration for various practical projects, offering a wide range of products and design ideas. Users can explore the catalog to discover new possibilities and find the perfect elements to incorporate into their designs.

3.Previsualization and Alternate Perspectives
Once a project is completed, pCon.planner allows users to easily previsualize it within the program. This feature enables users to see an accurate representation of their space and assess its aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, users can choose to view their workspace from different vantage points, providing alternative perspectives and facilitating a comprehensive understanding of the design.

4.Intuitive Interface and Wide Range of Possibilities
pCon.planner is designed to cater to the needs of interior designers and professionals while maintaining an intuitive interface that can be easily utilized by any user interested in interior design. The program offers a wide range of possibilities, ensuring that users have the tools they need to bring their design visions to life. With its balanced approach and comprehensive features, pCon.planner empowers users to create stunning and practical interior spaces.

In summary, pCon.planner is a professional yet user-friendly application that simplifies the design of complex spaces. With its easy-to-use interface, direct access to the pCon.catalog for inspiration, previsualization capabilities, and a wide range of design possibilities, pCon.planner is a versatile tool for interior architects, professional designers, and regular users interested in interior design. Experience the ease and efficiency of pCon.planner to plan and visualize your dream spaces with precision and creativity.

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


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