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About PDF Printer Driver

PDF Printer Driver combines a robust PDF printing utility with enterprise-level features, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses and advanced users. With its user-friendly graphical interface, extensive setup options, and reliable technical support, this software offers a reliable choice for organizations seeking powerful document conversion capabilities.

Key Features

1.Powerful Interface with Extension Options
PDF Printer Driver features a straightforward yet efficient main interface. The toolbar grants access to various essential settings, including General Settings, Conversion Profiles, Email, SharePoint integration, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Agent Printers, and Barcode. This comprehensive interface streamlines document management processes and enhances productivity.

2.Customizable Printing Preferences
By default, all Printing Preferences tabs are enabled, catering to business-oriented needs such as Bates Numbering, Redirect Printing, OCR, and Watermark. However, users have the flexibility to exclude unnecessary tabs, ensuring an uncluttered and personalized experience. This customization option allows for optimized efficiency in document processing.

3.Flexible Conversion Profiles
PDF Printer Driver allows users to create custom Conversion Profiles tailored to specific document types. This feature simplifies the conversion process for employees and users, enabling them to quickly and accurately convert documents to PDF format according to preset settings. The ability to create profiles reduces manual configuration and streamlines workflow.

4.Seamless SharePoint Integration
The optional Microsoft SharePoint Integration in PDF Printer Driver offers advanced server settings, silent uploading, and secure connections. This integration enhances collaboration and document management, providing seamless integration with SharePoint environments. Users can securely upload PDF files to SharePoint repositories, facilitating efficient storage, retrieval, and sharing of documents.

PDF Printer Driver is an efficient and feature-rich software that addresses the limitations of traditional driver-style print tools. Its intuitive interface, customizable printing preferences, flexible conversion profiles, and SharePoint integration make it well-suited for businesses and advanced users seeking an enterprise-level PDF printing solution.

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Updated onSeptember 8, 2022
DeveloperBlack Ice Software
Operating systemWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 11, Windows, Windows 7

Old Versions

PDF Printer Driver17.10
September 8, 2022
exe32 bit
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