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Old Versions of Perfect Uninstaller

If the latest version doesn't work on your computer, you can browse old versions of Perfect Uninstaller for Windows below and download the software version best suited for your PC. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to check your Windows system and hardware specs:

1. Type "System Information" in the Windows taskbar search field.
2. Click on "System Information" to open the application window.
3. Click on "System Summary" to find the system and hardware details, including your Windows version, processor, and memory, etc.
Perfect Uninstaller6.3.4.1
Nov 4, 2016
exe32 bit
Perfect Uninstaller6.3.4.0
Apr 8, 2015
exe32 bit
Perfect Uninstaller6.3.3.9
Apr 11, 2011
exe32 bit