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About PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a groundbreaking first-person shooter that thrusts players into an expansive, persistent online war. Set on vast continents, the game allows thousands of players to engage in continuous combat, making it one of the largest scale multiplayer experiences available. The game emphasizes strategic teamwork, utilizing a variety of infantry tactics, ground vehicles, and air support to achieve victory in this epic, planetary conflict.

Features of PlanetSide 2

- Massive Scale Warfare: Engage in battles with thousands of players simultaneously across expansive maps, offering an unparalleled scale of multiplayer action.

- Diverse Combat Options: Players can choose from a wide array of infantry classes, ground vehicles, and aircraft, each with unique roles and capabilities, ensuring a dynamic and versatile combat experience.

- Emphasis on Teamwork: Success in PlanetSide 2 heavily relies on coordinated teamwork, with players needing to work together to capture objectives, defend territories, and execute complex strategies.

- Persistent World: The game features a persistent world where the outcomes of battles have lasting effects, encouraging players to invest in long-term strategies and alliances.

- Continuous Updates: The developers regularly introduce new content, updates, and improvements, keeping the game fresh and engaging for the community.

Release Date of PlanetSide 2

20 Nov, 2012

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on20 Nov, 2012
DeveloperRogue Planet Games
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