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About Predecessor

Predecessor is a dynamic and engaging game that merges the fast-paced action of a shooter with the strategic depth of a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Drawing inspiration from the legacy of Paragon, this game has been meticulously crafted by a dedicated community and leverages the powerful capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a visually stunning and immersive gaming experience. With over a million players already engaged, Predecessor offers a free-to-play model that invites gamers of all levels to join and experience its unique blend of gameplay.

Features of Predecessor

- Community-Driven Development: Built by a passionate community, Predecessor benefits from continuous updates and improvements based on player feedback and contributions.

- Unreal Engine 5 Power: Utilizing the latest in gaming technology, the game boasts high-fidelity graphics and smooth gameplay, enhancing the overall player experience.

- Fusion of Genres: Combining the best elements of shooters and MOBAs, Predecessor offers a unique gameplay style that challenges players to think strategically while engaging in intense combat.

- Free-to-Play Model: Accessible to everyone, Predecessor's free-to-play model ensures that players can enjoy the full game without any initial financial barrier.

- Large Player Base: With over a million players, the game offers a vibrant community and consistent online activity, ensuring that players always have opponents and teammates available.

Release Date of Predecessor

30 Nov, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on30 Nov, 2022
DeveloperOmeda Studios
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