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About PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is a free, high-quality PDF conversion tool provided by Nitro Software, Inc. Featuring a user-friendly interface, this software enables users to print to PDF from virtually any Windows application. With its key features, such as PDF optimization, security, document information addition, and support for 64-bit machines, PrimoPDF is an essential tool for users looking to create professional-quality PDF files.

Key Feature

1: PDF Optimization
PrimoPDF offers the ability to optimize PDF output for various purposes, including screen, print, e-book, and prepress. This feature enables users to create PDF files tailored to their specific needs, ensuring the best possible quality and compatibility.

2: Secure PDF Files
The software allows users to secure their PDF files with 128-bit encryption, adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive documents. This feature ensures that confidential information remains secure when shared or stored in PDF format.

3: Document Information Addition
PrimoPDF enables users to add document information, such as title, author, subject, and keywords, to their converted PDF files. This feature helps users to better organize and manage their PDF documents, making it easier to search and retrieve specific files when needed.

4: Full Support for 64-bit Machines
The software offers full support for 64-bit machines, ensuring seamless compatibility and performance on modern computer systems. This feature allows users to take full advantage of their system's capabilities when creating and managing PDF files.

5: Improved PDF Output
PrimoPDF boasts improved PDF output, including double-byte character and non-TrueType font support. These enhancements result in higher-quality PDF files that are more versatile and compatible with various applications and devices.

In conclusion, PrimoPDF is a powerful and user-friendly PDF conversion tool that offers a range of features designed to create professional-quality PDF files. With its optimization capabilities, security features, document information addition, support for 64-bit machines, and improved PDF output, PrimoPDF is an essential tool for users looking to create and manage high-quality PDF documents from any Windows application.

Reviewed by Paula L. White


Updated onSeptember 23, 2015
DeveloperNitro Software
Operating systemWindows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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September 23, 2015
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  • Click on the Download button to start downloading PrimoPDF for Windows.
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