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About Professionals Abroad DLC

Professionals Abroad DLC is an expansion for the fast-paced, side-scrolling action game Door Kickers: Action Squad. This DLC takes players on a global mission, introducing new international settings and challenges for the elite SWAT team to tackle. Building on the base game's tactical gameplay and retro-inspired graphics, Professionals Abroad offers a fresh set of missions and environments to test players' strategic and reflex skills.

Features of Professionals Abroad DLC

- New International Settings: Explore diverse global locations, each with unique challenges and environmental factors that influence gameplay.

- Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: Introduces advanced tactics and equipment, allowing for more nuanced approaches to mission completion.

- Expanded Character Customization: Offers new outfits and gear options, reflecting the international theme and allowing players to personalize their SWAT team.

- Challenging Missions: Features a series of high-stakes missions that require precision, strategy, and quick decision-making under pressure.

Release Date of Professionals Abroad DLC

25 Oct, 2021

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on25 Oct, 2021
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