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About Programming C

Programming C is an e-book designed to introduce beginners to the C programming language. Developed by, this comprehensive resource focuses on teaching C fundamentals through the development of a functional Chess engine called speedeCHESS. With a clear and concise writing style, Programming C lays the foundation for further learning in the field of programming.

Key Features

1.Hands-on Chess Engine Development
The highlight of Programming C is its practical approach to learning. By building the speedeCHESS engine step-by-step, the book allows beginners to apply C fundamentals in a real-world context. This hands-on experience not only teaches programming techniques but also provides insight into the development of complex software systems.

2.Comprehensive Coverage of C Fundamentals
Programming C covers all the essential aspects of the C programming language, including arrays, strings, pointers, and more. These fundamental concepts are explained clearly and concisely, providing beginners with a strong foundation for further programming endeavors.

3.Clear and Direct Writing Style
The e-book follows a clear and direct writing style, making it accessible and easy to understand for beginners. The explanations are straightforward, avoiding unnecessary jargon or complex technical terms. This approach ensures that readers can grasp the concepts presented without feeling overwhelmed.

4.Part of a Three-Part Series
Programming C is part of a three-part series published by Designed for progressive learning, the series includes Programming C, Programming C++, and Programming Visual C++ Using MFC. By following this series, beginners can gradually expand their knowledge and skills in C and C++ programming.

Programming C is delivered as a self-extracting file, allowing learners to access several fully viewable lessons immediately. While the remaining lessons are partially viewable, users have the option to purchase an electronic KEY that provides access to the complete content.

With its focus on practical learning, comprehensive coverage of C fundamentals, clear writing style, and inclusion in a progressive three-part series, Programming C serves as an ideal resource for beginners aiming to develop a solid understanding of the C programming language.

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