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About Proxy+

Proxy+ is a comprehensive solution that combines firewall, proxy, and mail server functionalities to provide shared access to the Internet from a Local Area Network (LAN). Designed to run on a workstation or a server with MS Windows9x/NT and an Internet connection, Proxy+ offers a range of features that ensure secure and efficient Internet access for all workstations in the network.

Key Feature

1: Firewall Protection
Proxy+ incorporates a robust firewall that safeguards your network from unauthorized access and potential threats. This feature ensures that your LAN remains secure while providing shared access to the Internet, maintaining the safety and integrity of your network.

2: Proxy Server
The proxy server feature in Proxy+ allows workstations within the LAN to access the Internet using a single shared connection. By efficiently managing and distributing Internet access, Proxy+ ensures that all workstations can enjoy a seamless browsing experience without compromising network performance.

3: Mail Server
Proxy+ includes a built-in mail server that enables users to send and receive emails within the LAN. This feature provides a centralized and efficient solution for managing email communication within the network, ensuring that users can easily stay connected and collaborate with one another.

4: TCP/IP Protocol Support
All workstations within the LAN can utilize Proxy+ services through the TCP/IP protocol, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems. This feature makes Proxy+ a versatile and accessible solution for various network configurations.

5: Easy Setup and Configuration
Proxy+ is designed for easy setup and configuration, allowing network administrators to quickly deploy and manage the software on a workstation or server with minimal effort. This user-friendly approach ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can effectively utilize Proxy+ to provide shared Internet access within their LAN.

In conclusion, Proxy+ is a powerful and comprehensive solution that combines firewall, proxy, and mail server capabilities to offer shared access to the Internet from a LAN. With its robust security features, efficient Internet management, built-in mail server, TCP/IP protocol support, and easy setup, Proxy+ is an ideal choice for organizations looking to provide secure and efficient Internet access within their network.

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Proxy+ for PC
Set up a firewall, proxy, and a mail server.
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