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About PuTTY

PuTTY is the most widely used Telnet and SSH client in the world, enabling users to remotely control Linux-based devices within their local network or beyond, provided they have the necessary access credentials and the device supports remote command execution. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, PuTTY has become an essential tool for remote device management.

Key Feature

1: Remote Terminal and Command Execution
PuTTY allows users to remotely run a terminal and execute commands on another device. By simply entering the IP address, port, username, and password, users can establish a connection to the target device and perform various tasks through the terminal.

2: Connection Management
To simplify the remote control of multiple devices, PuTTY enables users to save the data of the devices they connect to and assign names to them. This feature allows users to quickly log in directly to the device they wish to control, streamlining the remote management process.

3: Free and Open Source
As a completely free and open-source application, PuTTY offers users a cost-effective and customizable solution for remote device control. Its open-source nature has led to the development of alternative programs based on its code, such as KiTTY, which adds additional features and enhancements.

4: Cross-Platform Compatibility
PuTTY is available for various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring that users can access and control their remote devices regardless of their operating system.

5: Secure Connections
PuTTY supports secure connections through SSH, ensuring that users can remotely control their devices without compromising their security. This feature provides peace of mind for users who require secure remote access to their devices.

In conclusion, PuTTY is a powerful and widely used Telnet and SSH client that offers a range of features for remote device control and management. With its remote terminal and command execution capabilities, connection management, free and open-source nature, cross-platform compatibility, and secure connections, PuTTY is an essential tool for anyone looking to send commands or control a device remotely via the terminal.

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Updated onApr 17, 2024

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  • PuTTY is a free SSH and Telnet implementation to run a terminal remotely and send commands to other network devices, whether or not they are within your local network.

  • PuTTY is the most widely used program worldwide to execute SSH commands remotely on other devices, as it is ideal for controlling Linux devices from a Windows computer.

  • Although PuTTY is designed for Windows, PuTTY also has a Linux version that allows you to perform the same remote control tasks as the version for Microsoft's operating system.

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How to download and Install PuTTY on Windows PC

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  • Now you can open and run PuTTY on Windows PC.