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About QTam Bitmap to Icon

QTam Bitmap to Icon presents a straightforward solution for users needing to convert bitmap images into ICO files. While the program offers basic functionality with a vintage feel, it is evident that it may not be the first choice for those seeking advanced features or sleek, modern interfaces. Despite its limitations, it could serve users looking for a simple conversion tool with a no-frills experience. Below are some of the key features and notable aspects of QTam Bitmap to Icon.

Key Feature

1.Limited Trial Version
The trial version of QTam Bitmap to Icon offers a glimpse into its functionality, allowing users to convert up to three files in a batch. This could be useful for small projects or for evaluating the program before purchase. However, the limitation to only BMP format in the trial could be a hurdle for those looking to convert a wider variety of image formats.

2.Basic Color and Size Options
QTam provides support for 16- and 256-color ICO files, catering to applications that require icons with these specific color depths. Additionally, users can choose from three standard icon sizes to match common requirements. While this might suffice for basic use, the inability to create custom icon sizes may limit those needing more flexibility in their design specifications.

3.Simple Editing Tools
A couple of editing features are available: cropping images to focus on the desired area and applying automasking to streamline the conversion process. These tools add a slight edge to the program’s capabilities, offering users some control over the final icon’s appearance.

4.Fixed Output Location
All converted icons are automatically saved in the program's main installation folder. While this might be adequate for users who don't mind manual file management, the lack of an option to select a different output path may be inconvenient for those who prefer more organization and control over where their files are stored.

5.Clunky Navigation
QTam's biggest drawback is its dated and cumbersome interface, which requires users to navigate through multiple screens to perform what could be a simple task. This design choice significantly slows down the process and might frustrate users accustomed to more streamlined, modern interfaces.

In conclusion, QTam Bitmap to Icon could be seen as a quaint tool that might appeal to those with very specific, minimalistic needs or a fondness for retro software design. However, for most users, the program's simplistic nature and lack of advanced features, combined with an interface that could benefit from a significant overhaul, suggest that better, more user-friendly (and likely free) options are available elsewhere.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
DeveloperQTam Computer
Operating systemWindows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows, Windows NT

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QTam Bitmap to Icon3.5
November 8, 2008
QTam Bitmap to Icon icon
QTam Bitmap to Icon for PC
Convert BMP pictures to ICO icon files.
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