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About Quest Master

Quest Master is a creative and engaging game that taps into the nostalgia of classic dungeon crawlers. Players are invited to unleash their imaginations by designing intricate dungeons filled with challenging puzzles, deadly traps, and formidable monsters. The game supports both solo and local co-op modes, enhancing the collaborative and competitive spirit among players. Once created, dungeons can be uploaded for others to explore, while players can also test their skills against the creations of their peers.

Features of Quest Master

- Dungeon Creation: Design and build dungeons with a variety of elements including puzzles, traps, and monsters.

- Local Co-op Mode: Collaborate with friends in the same room to create more complex and challenging dungeons.

- User-Generated Content: Share your dungeons with the community and explore creations made by other players.

- Classic Inspiration: Draws inspiration from the golden age of dungeon crawlers, offering a familiar yet fresh experience.

Release Date of Quest Master

29 May, 2024

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on29 May, 2024
DeveloperJulian Creutz