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About RAGE

RAGE is an action-packed first-person shooter developed by id Software, known for its groundbreaking technology and immersive gameplay. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the game combines intense combat with vehicular action, offering players a vast open world to navigate. With its cutting-edge graphics and dynamic gameplay, RAGE stands out as a thrilling experience for fans of the genre.

Features of RAGE

- Revolutionary Graphics: Utilizing id Tech® 5 technology, RAGE delivers jaw-dropping visuals that enhance the immersive post-apocalyptic environment.

- Intense FPS Action: Players engage in heart-pounding first-person shooter combat, featuring a variety of weapons and tactical challenges.

- Breakneck Vehicle Combat: The game introduces fast-paced vehicular battles, adding a new dimension to the traditional FPS experience.

- Expansive World Exploration: RAGE offers a large, open world filled with secrets, missions, and diverse landscapes to explore.

- Dynamic Gameplay: With a mix of shooting, driving, and exploration, the game keeps players engaged through its varied and unpredictable gameplay elements.

Release Date of RAGE

3 Oct, 2011

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on3 Oct, 2011
Developerid Software
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