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About Ravenswatch

Ravenswatch is an exhilarating roguelike action game that plunges players into a world on the brink of destruction. The Nightmare, a malevolent force, is corrupting everything it touches, and it's up to the fallen heroes of old folk tales and legends to stop it. Developed by the team behind Curse of the Dead Gods©, this game combines intense combat with strategic roguelike elements, allowing players to tackle the challenge alone or join forces with others in online co-op mode.

Features of Ravenswatch

- Roguelike Action: Engage in fast-paced, procedurally generated combat that requires tactical thinking and quick reflexes.

- Fallen Heroes: Choose from a roster of legendary characters, each with unique abilities and backstories drawn from various folk tales and legends.

- Nightmare Invasion: Face the relentless and ever-evolving Nightmare, which corrupts the world and introduces new challenges with each playthrough.

- Solo and Co-op Modes: Play through the harrowing campaign alone or team up with friends in online co-op, enhancing the strategic depth and fun through collaboration.

- Developed by Experts: Brought to you by the creators of Curse of the Dead Gods©, known for their expertise in blending action and roguelike genres.

Release Date of Ravenswatch

6 Apr, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on6 Apr, 2023
DeveloperPasstech Games
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