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About ReadPlease 2003

ReadPlease 2003 is a text-to-speech application that utilizes Microsoft speech engines to read selected text. While it is available as freeware, it falls short in several areas, making it difficult to recommend. Here are the key features of ReadPlease 2003:

Key Feature

1. Text-to-Speech Functionality
ReadPlease 2003 utilizes Microsoft speech engines to convert text into speech. Users can paste text into the program's main window, and it will read the selected text aloud. This basic functionality allows users to listen to written content rather than reading it manually.

2. Limited Customization Options
One of the shortcomings of ReadPlease 2003 is its limited customization features. Users only have four voices to choose from, and there are no options to adjust voice pitch, speed, or pronunciation. This lack of customization can be restrictive for users seeking personalized and tailored TTS experiences.

3. Absence of Skipping or Fast-Forwarding Option
A notable drawback of ReadPlease 2003 is the absence of an option to skip ahead in the text while it is being read. This feature can be particularly useful for users who want to navigate through lengthy texts more efficiently or quickly locate specific sections. Its absence limits the user's control and flexibility during the reading process.

4. Inability to Record Files
ReadPlease 2003 lacks the capability to record text-to-speech files for later listening. This omission prevents users from saving audio files to listen to them offline or at a later time. The absence of such a feature may hinder users who require offline accessibility or the ability to listen to content beyond the immediate session.

5. Performance in Comparison to Similar Programs
Despite being freeware, ReadPlease 2003 falls short compared to other available text-to-speech reader programs. Its cumbersome cut-and-paste process, limited customization options, lack of skipping or fast-forwarding functionality, and the inability to record files for later use contribute to its shortcomings when compared to more comprehensive alternatives.

In conclusion, while ReadPlease 2003 offers basic text-to-speech functionality, its limitations regarding customization, skipping options, file recording, and overall performance hinder its recommendation. Users may find more suitable alternatives among the available text-to-speech reader programs that offer enhanced features and a more seamless user experience.

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Updated onNovember 8, 2008
DeveloperReadPlease Corporation
Operating systemWindows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT

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November 8, 2008
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