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About Real Anime Situation! 2

Real Anime Situation! 2 is a comedy visual novel that revolves around Tooru, a chronic daydreamer whose diary is accidentally discovered by his classmates, leading to a series of humorous and chaotic events. The game is renowned for its eye-popping art, intricate animations, and a cast of quirky, moonstruck heroines. Having won the prestigious 2020 Moe Game Awards, it has also seen success with a popular anime adaptation.

Features of Real Anime Situation! 2

- Eye-Popping Art: The game boasts visually stunning graphics that are both vibrant and detailed, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

- Intricate Animations: Real Anime Situation! 2 features dynamic and fluid animations that bring the characters and their antics to life.

- Multiple Heroines: Players are introduced to a diverse cast of heroines, each with their own unique personalities and story arcs, providing a rich and varied narrative experience.

- Award-Winning Comedy: With its clever humor and engaging storyline, the game secured the 2020 Moe Game Awards, highlighting its quality and appeal.

- Anime Adaptation: Following its success in the visual novel format, the game was adapted into an anime, further expanding its audience and impact.

Release Date of Real Anime Situation! 2

24 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on24 Jun, 2024
DeveloperJitaku Studio
LanguagesEnglish,Japanese,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese