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About Remnant II® - The Awakened King

Remnant II® - The Awakened King is an expansion pack for the base game Remnant II®, a popular action-adventure shooter available on Steam. This DLC introduces a new storyline centered around the enigmatic Awakened King, adding depth to the game's lore and expanding the universe of Remnant II®. Players will delve into new challenges and mysteries as they explore uncharted territories and face formidable foes.

Features of Remnant II® - The Awakened King

- New Storyline: Embark on a fresh narrative journey that focuses on the Awakened King, offering new quests and revelations.

- Expanded World: Discover additional areas within the game's universe, each with unique environments and challenges.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Experience improved mechanics and new gameplay elements that enhance the overall player experience.

- Additional Enemies: Encounter new types of enemies and bosses, each with distinct abilities and combat styles.

Release Date of Remnant II® - The Awakened King

14 Nov, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on14 Nov, 2023
DeveloperGunfire Games
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