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About Rotwood

Rotwood is an action-packed cooperative RPG where players team up to combat the malevolent creatures that have overrun the world. Set in a dystopian landscape, the game thrusts players into the role of defenders of a last bastion of safety, the Rotwood. Players must strategize, upgrade their equipment, select their weapons of choice, and refine their combat skills to protect their sanctuary from the encroaching darkness.

Features of Rotwood

- Dynamic Combat System: Engage in intense battles with a variety of corrupted beasts, each requiring unique strategies to defeat.

- Customizable Gear: Choose and upgrade your weapons and armor to tailor your character's abilities to your preferred playstyle.

- Cooperative Play: Join forces with friends to tackle challenges that are insurmountable alone, enhancing the social and strategic elements of the game.

- Skill Development: Hone your character's skills through combat and progression, allowing for deep personalization and growth.

Release Date of Rotwood

24 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on24 Apr, 2024
DeveloperKlei Entertainment
LanguagesEnglish,Simplified Chinese