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RUMBLE is an exhilarating fighting game that thrusts players into a world where martial arts and elemental control collide. Players assume the role of a fighter who can manipulate the earth itself through precise and dynamic martial-arts inspired movements. The game is set in a competitive arena where mastery over these powers is key to emerging victorious in high-stakes, 1-on-1 PVP duels. With its unique blend of combat mechanics and environmental interaction, RUMBLE offers a fresh take on the fighting game genre.

Features of RUMBLE

- Martial-Arts Inspired Movements: Engage in combat using a variety of martial arts techniques that are not only visually stunning but also integral to controlling the environment.

- Elemental Earth Control: Harness the power of the earth to create barriers, launch attacks, and manipulate the battlefield to outsmart and overpower opponents.

- Intense 1-on-1 PVP Duels: Experience the thrill of competitive play in one-on-one battles where strategy, timing, and skill are paramount to victory.

Release Date of RUMBLE

23 Sep, 2022

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on23 Sep, 2022
DeveloperBuckethead Entertainment