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About Salaat Time

Salaat Time is an essential tool for devout Muslims who spend a significant amount of time on their computers. It ensures that users are always aware of their prayer timings, no matter how engrossed they might be in their work. The application features a dynamic graphical interface that presents a series of clocks, clearly indicating the time remaining for each daily prayer, helping users to perform Salaat within the prescribed times.

Key Feature

1.Prayer Time Guidance
Beyond just notifications, Salaat Time offers a comprehensive guide on prayer times. The application provides a detailed list of prayer timings throughout the year, accommodating the variations that come with changing seasons. It also includes important Islamic dates, highlighting them on the calendar, alongside the phases of the moon, which are crucial for determining the Islamic months.

2.Qiblah Direction Indicator
A vital aspect of Muslim prayer is facing the Qiblah, and Salaat Time facilitates this with a graphical compass-like display. This feature is particularly useful for those who travel often or live in non-Muslim countries where finding the Qiblah direction may not be straightforward. With Salaat Time, users can quickly and accurately determine the direction they should face during their prayers.

3.Quran Recitations
The application enhances the spiritual atmosphere by providing users with the ability to listen to selected Surahs and Ayahs from the Quran. This feature allows users to engage with the holy text, offering recitations that they can listen to daily, deepening their connection with their faith.

4.Customizable Alerts
Salaat Time operates discreetly by sitting in the system tray, ensuring that it's non-intrusive while you work. When it's time for prayer, the application provides audible Athan sounds and/or visual alerts to remind the user. These alerts are customizable, allowing users to select different Athan sounds for each prayer time, tailoring the experience to their preferences.

In summary, Salaat Time is a multifaceted application designed to support Muslims in adhering to their prayer obligations while balancing work and daily activities on the computer. It's a blend of timely notifications, religious guidance, and spiritual enrichment all in one convenient package.

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Updated onJuly 9, 2018
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Salaat Time for PC
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