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About Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a captivating first-person open-world game that combines elements of factory building, exploration, and combat. Set on an alien planet, players can embark on this adventure alone or with friends, delving into the creation of expansive, multi-story factories that are a testament to industrial ingenuity and design. The game offers a unique blend of strategic planning and hands-on construction, all within a visually stunning and immersive environment.

Features of Satisfactory

- Open-World Exploration: Dive into a vast, alien landscape ripe for discovery, filled with unique resources and challenges.

- Factory Building: Design and construct complex, multi-level factories using a variety of machinery and conveyor systems.

- Cooperative Play: Join forces with friends to tackle larger projects and share the experience of building on an alien world.

- Strategic Combat: Engage with the environment and potential threats using a mix of strategic combat and resourceful problem-solving.

- Dynamic Resource Management: Efficiently manage and optimize resource extraction and processing to sustain and expand your industrial empire.

Release Date of Satisfactory

8 Jun, 2020

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on8 Jun, 2020
DeveloperCoffee Stain Studios
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