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About SCARLET NEXUS Pre-Order Bundle

SCARLET NEXUS Pre-Order Bundle is an add-on package for the action RPG game SCARLET NEXUS, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. This bundle offers exclusive pre-order bonuses that enhance the gameplay experience. Set in a futuristic world where humanity is under threat from otherworldly entities, players take on the role of psionic special operatives to combat these threats. The Pre-Order Bundle includes additional content that supplements the base game, providing extra value for early supporters.

Features of SCARLET NEXUS Pre-Order Bundle

- Exclusive Cosmetic Items: Includes unique outfits and accessories for your characters, enhancing their appearance and customization options.

- Digital Soundtrack: Access to the game's original soundtrack, allowing fans to enjoy the musical score outside of the game.

- Art Book: A digital art book that showcases the creative process behind SCARLET NEXUS, featuring concept art and design notes.

Release Date of SCARLET NEXUS Pre-Order Bundle

24 Jun, 2021

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on24 Jun, 2021
DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
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