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About Sea of Survivors

Sea of Survivors is an exhilarating action-adventure game set in a vast, unforgiving ocean where players command a ship that must constantly move. The game thrusts players into a relentless battle for survival against swarms of pirates and terrifying sea monsters. As players navigate this perilous sea, they must strategically evade and combat enemies to level up their ship, uncovering ancient curses and rare treasures along the way.

Features of Sea of Survivors

- Constant Movement: Players must continuously sail, adding a layer of urgency and strategy to navigation and combat.

- Dynamic Enemies: Face off against diverse hordes of pirates and sea monsters, each requiring unique tactics to defeat.

- Progression System: Gain experience to level up and choose from various upgrades to enhance the ship's capabilities.

- Mystery Exploration: Discover and manage mysterious curses while unlocking unique treasures that can alter gameplay dynamics.

- Survival Focus: The core mechanic revolves around fighting for survival, making every encounter critical.

Release Date of Sea of Survivors

18 Oct, 2023

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on18 Oct, 2023
DeveloperNah Yeah Games
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