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About Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition

Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition is a captivating pirate adventure game that immerses players in the quintessential pirate experience. Set in a vast open world, players embark on thrilling quests to plunder lost treasures, engage in intense naval battles, and confront formidable sea monsters. This revised edition not only enhances the core gameplay but also grants access to exclusive digital bonus media, enriching the overall pirate escapade.

Features of Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition

- Plundering Lost Treasures: Seek out and plunder hidden treasures scattered across the seas, each with its own unique story and challenges.

- Intense Battles: Engage in thrilling naval combat, both with other players and against fearsome sea monsters, testing your strategic and tactical skills.

- Vanquishing Sea Monsters: Confront and defeat legendary sea monsters that lurk in the depths, each requiring unique strategies and teamwork to overcome.

- Digital Bonus Media: Enjoy exclusive access to digital content that includes behind-the-scenes insights, additional lore, and interactive maps to enhance your adventure.

Release Date of Sea of Thieves: 2024 Edition

3 Jun, 2020

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on3 Jun, 2020
DeveloperRare Ltd
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