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About Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends is an immersive action RPG that transports players into a world where the boundaries between myth and reality blur. Set in a contemporary setting, the game thrusts players into a clandestine conflict against supernatural forces, drawing on a rich tapestry of ancient legends and modern-day mysteries. This shared-world experience allows players to explore a narrative-rich environment, engaging in intense combat and unraveling complex storylines.

Features of Secret World Legends

- Story-Driven Narrative: Delve into a deep and intricate storyline that blends historical myths with contemporary issues, offering a compelling reason to keep playing.

- Shared-World Dynamics: Experience the game alongside other players, collaborating or competing in a world that reacts to your actions and decisions.

- Supernatural Combat: Engage in battles against a variety of supernatural enemies, utilizing a flexible skill system that allows for personalized combat strategies.

- Mythical Exploration: Traverse through locations inspired by real-world settings, each infused with their own lore and mysteries waiting to be uncovered.

Release Date of Secret World Legends

31 Jul, 2017

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on31 Jul, 2017