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About Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice

Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice is an eagerly awaited standalone expansion that builds upon the foundation of the highly praised stealth strategy game, Shadow Tactics. Set against the backdrop of Edo period Japan, this expansion allows players to take command of Aiko, a highly skilled kunoichi, and her band of lethal assassins. Together, they delve into a narrative that revolves around confronting the haunting specters of Aiko's past, offering a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of the original game.

Features of Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice

- Edo Period Setting: Immerse yourself in the rich historical context of Edo Japan, where the cultural and architectural elements of the era are meticulously portrayed.

- Enhanced Stealth Mechanics: Experience refined stealth gameplay that challenges players to think strategically and execute precise, coordinated attacks to silently eliminate targets.

- New Narrative Depth: Engage with a compelling storyline that explores Aiko's personal history and the emotional stakes behind her quest for redemption.

- Diverse Character Abilities: Utilize the unique skills of Aiko and her companions, each with their own specialties that can be combined for creative problem-solving in missions.

Release Date of Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice

6 Dec, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on6 Dec, 2021
DeveloperMimimi Games
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