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About Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is a definitive version of the cult classic first-person shooter, set in a near-future Japan where corporations dominate every aspect of life. Players take on the role of a Shadow Warrior, a highly skilled mercenary employed by these corporations to maintain their power by eliminating any opposition. This remastered edition offers enhanced visuals and includes two substantial expansion packs, enriching the original game's experience.

Features of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

- Remastered Visuals: Enhanced graphics that breathe new life into the classic shooter experience.

- Two Expansion Packs: Adds significant content, including new missions, enemies, and environments.

- Cult Classic Revival: Brings back a beloved game with modern improvements while maintaining its original charm and gameplay.

- Intense Combat: Features fast-paced, skill-based combat against a backdrop of corporate tyranny and supernatural elements.

Release Date of Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

13 May, 1997

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on13 May, 1997
DeveloperGeneral Arcade