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About SharpDevelop

SharpDevelop is an integrated development environment (IDE) designed for .NET Framework applications, offering a powerful and versatile platform for developers working with C, Visual Basic.NET, and Boo. With its extensive range of features and compatibility with popular development tools, SharpDevelop is a compelling alternative to Microsoft's programming environment. Here are the key features that make SharpDevelop stand out:

Key Feature

1. Comprehensive Programming Language Support
SharpDevelop supports a wide array of programming languages, including C, Visual Basic.NET, Boo, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, and HTML. This versatility allows developers to work with their preferred languages and frameworks, ensuring a seamless and efficient development experience.

2. Advanced Editing Features
The IDE provides a range of advanced editing features, such as code auto-complete, syntax highlighting for various languages, and project templates. These features streamline the development process and help developers write clean and efficient code.

3. Integrated Debugger and Form Designer
SharpDevelop comes with an integrated debugger, enabling developers to identify and fix issues within their code quickly. Additionally, the software features a form designer for C, Visual Basic.NET, and Boo, allowing developers to create visually appealing and functional user interfaces.

4. Compatibility with Visual Studio
SharpDevelop is compatible with both Visual Studio Express and Visual Studio 2005, as it uses the same format for project files and source code. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition for developers already familiar with Microsoft's development tools.

5. Language Conversion and Additional Features
The software includes a converter for C to VB.NET and vice versa, enabling developers to switch between languages with ease. Other notable features include syntax highlighting for various languages, such as C, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET, VBScript, VB.NET, and XML.

In conclusion, SharpDevelop is a feature-rich and open-source IDE for .NET Framework applications, offering comprehensive programming language support, advanced editing features, an integrated debugger and form designer, compatibility with Visual Studio, and language conversion capabilities. With its powerful and versatile development platform, SharpDevelop provides developers with a robust and reliable alternative to Microsoft's programming environment.

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated onAug 25, 2023

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