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About Sheep in Dreams

Sheep in Dreams is an intriguing adventure game where players delve into the surreal world of Hitsuji-chan, a character whose life is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of mysterious sheep. As the city around her experiences strange occurrences, players can enter dream dungeons through their dreams to capture these ethereal spaces and unravel the enigma behind the phenomena. This game combines elements of mystery, exploration, and puzzle-solving, offering a unique narrative-driven experience.

Features of Sheep in Dreams

- Mystery Exploration: Players navigate through dream dungeons to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious sheep and the strange events affecting the city.

- Dream Dungeon Capture: Unique gameplay mechanic where players can enter and capture dream dungeons, influencing the real-world events.

- Narrative-Driven Experience: Rich storytelling with a focus on solving the puzzle of the sheep's appearance and their connection to the dreams and reality of the characters.

Release Date of Sheep in Dreams

9 Dec, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on9 Dec, 2022
DeveloperCham Project
LanguagesEnglish,Japanese,Simplified Chinese