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About Ship Graveyard Simulator

Ship Graveyard Simulator is a unique simulation game that immerses players in the gritty and challenging world of ship dismantling and recycling. Set in a sprawling ship graveyard, players are tasked with the responsibility of safely and efficiently breaking down old ships into their reusable components. This game offers a realistic experience of the industry, requiring players to manage resources, handle heavy machinery, and adhere to environmental standards while dealing with the hazardous materials often found on these vessels.

Features of Ship Graveyard Simulator

- Realistic Simulation: Engage in detailed ship dismantling processes, from cutting steel to removing hazardous materials.

- Environmental Responsibility: Manage and dispose of waste materials in an eco-friendly manner, adhering to strict environmental regulations.

- Variety of Ships: Work on a diverse fleet of ships, each with unique challenges and materials to handle.

- Equipment Management: Operate and maintain a range of heavy machinery and tools necessary for the job.

- Career Mode: Progress through a career mode where you can upgrade your equipment and expand your operations.

Release Date of Ship Graveyard Simulator

10 Nov, 2021

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on10 Nov, 2021
DeveloperGames Incubator
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