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SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye For PC

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About SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye

SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye is a unique and quirky adventure game that blends horror and comedy elements. Set in the eerie Shirime Forest, players must navigate through the forest to find their missing girlfriend, Sharon, who has been abducted by the malevolent yokai Shirime. The game combines puzzle-solving with a tense chase mechanic, as collecting pages of a mysterious book not only reveals the story but also heightens Shirime's pursuit, adding a layer of urgency and danger.

Features of SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye

- Unique Yokai Enemy: Encounter the bizarre and menacing Shirime, a yokai with a literal 'butt-eye' that serves as both a comedic and terrifying antagonist.

- Intense Chase Mechanic: As you collect pages to unravel the mystery, the intensity of Shirime's pursuit increases, creating a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience.

- Puzzle-Solving Adventure: Navigate through Shirime Forest, solving puzzles and uncovering clues to find Sharon and understand the curse that plagues the area.

- Dark Humor and Horror Blend: The game masterfully combines elements of dark humor with horror, creating a distinctive and engaging atmosphere.

Release Date of SHIRIME: The Curse of Butt-Eye

31 Mar, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on31 Mar, 2023