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About Sifu

Sifu is an immersive third-person brawler that delves deep into the world of Kung Fu, offering players a realistic combat experience. Set against a backdrop of revenge, players are thrust into a cinematic journey where martial arts action takes center stage. The game combines the intensity of close-quarters combat with the fluidity and precision of traditional Kung Fu techniques, creating a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

Features of Sifu

- Realistic Combat Mechanics: Employs tight Kung Fu combat mechanics that require precision and timing, mirroring real martial arts techniques.

- Cinematic Action: Features dramatic and visually stunning martial arts sequences that enhance the narrative and gameplay.

- Revenge Plot: Driven by a compelling story of vengeance, players embark on a personal quest for justice, adding depth to the gameplay.

- Third-Person Perspective: Offers a dynamic third-person view that allows for strategic positioning and observation during fights.

- Authentic Kung Fu: Incorporates authentic Kung Fu styles and moves, providing an educational and respectful nod to the martial arts tradition.

Release Date of Sifu

28 Mar, 2023

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on28 Mar, 2023
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