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About Silent Hunter® III

Silent Hunter® III is the latest installment in the acclaimed series of submarine simulations, placing players in the depths of the ocean during the tumultuous World War II era. This game offers a blend of intense realism and accessible gameplay, making it an ideal choice for both hardcore simulation enthusiasts and casual gamers. With its movie-like graphics and tension-filled scenarios, Silent Hunter® III promises an immersive experience that captures the essence of naval warfare.

Features of Silent Hunter® III

- All-New 3D Engine: Enhances visual fidelity and realism, providing a detailed and immersive underwater world.

- New Crew Command Features: Allows for more dynamic and strategic gameplay, giving players the ability to manage and command their crew effectively.

- Realistic WWII Naval Action: Delivers authentic scenarios and challenges, reflecting the historical context and intensity of submarine warfare during WWII.

- Movie-Like Graphics: Offers stunning visual effects that elevate the gaming experience, making it feel like a cinematic adventure.

- Simple, Tension-Filled Gameplay: Balances ease of play with intense, high-stakes situations, ensuring engagement and excitement for all types of players.

Release Date of Silent Hunter® III

15 Mar, 2005

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on15 Mar, 2005