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About Sker Ritual - Bloody Night

Sker Ritual - Bloody Night is an expansion pack for the base game Sker Ritual, a survival horror title available on Steam. Set in the eerie world of Sker Island, this DLC introduces a new nightmarish scenario where players must navigate through heightened terror and increased difficulty. The base game, Sker Ritual, is known for its atmospheric tension, unique AI-driven enemies, and cooperative gameplay, which this expansion builds upon to deliver an even more intense experience.

Features of Sker Ritual - Bloody Night

- Increased Difficulty: Offers a more challenging experience with tougher enemies and tighter resource management.

- New Nightmare Scenarios: Introduces fresh gameplay mechanics and environments that enhance the horror atmosphere.

- Expanded Storyline: Continues the narrative of Sker Ritual, providing deeper insights into the lore and characters of Sker Island.

Release Date of Sker Ritual - Bloody Night

1 Dec, 2023

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on1 Dec, 2023
DeveloperWales Interactive
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