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About Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is a tactical third-person shooter set in the backdrop of World War 2, specifically during the liberation of Italy from Fascist control. As the latest installment in the Sniper Elite series, it builds upon the stealth and precision sniping mechanics that the franchise is known for, offering players an expansive and immersive experience with its large, detailed environments and advanced shooter mechanics.

Features of Sniper Elite 4

- Unrivalled Sniping Freedom: Engage in precise, long-range combat with a variety of customizable weapons and equipment, allowing for diverse tactical approaches to each mission.

- Tactical Third-Person Combat: Navigate through the game's levels using stealth and strategy, combining close-quarters combat with long-range sniping to outsmart and eliminate enemies.

- Gigantic Levels: Explore vast, open-world environments that offer multiple paths and strategies, providing a dynamic and replayable experience.

- Epic Longshots: Experience the thrill of making dramatic, long-distance shots, enhanced by the game's signature X-ray kill cam that shows the bullet's path through the target in gruesome detail.

- Gameplay Choice: Decide how to approach each mission, whether through stealth, direct confrontation, or a mix of both, giving players the freedom to play how they want.

- Historic Setting: Battle through key locations in wartime Italy, each meticulously researched and designed to reflect the historical context and challenges of the era.

Release Date of Sniper Elite 4

13 Feb, 2017

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on13 Feb, 2017
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