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About Soundpad

Soundpad is a unique software designed for enhancing voice chats with high-quality sound effects and music. This tool allows users to integrate various audio files into their microphone signal, making conversations more engaging and entertaining. Ideal for gamers, streamers, and anyone looking to add a layer of fun to their online interactions, Soundpad stands out for its digital audio processing capabilities.

Features of Soundpad

- High Digital Quality: Ensures that all sounds and music played through the microphone are of the highest quality, enhancing the listening experience for all participants in the voice chat.

- Real-time Integration: Allows users to add sounds or music to their microphone signal in real-time, making it seamless and immediate for others to hear.

- Versatile Audio Support: Supports a wide range of audio formats, enabling users to choose from a vast library of sounds and music to personalize their voice chats.

Release Date of Soundpad

9 Nov, 2016

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on9 Nov, 2016
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