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Space Engineers - Decorative Pack #2 For PC

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About Space Engineers - Decorative Pack #2

Space Engineers - Decorative Pack #2 is an expansion pack for the popular sandbox game Space Engineers, which is available on Steam. This pack introduces a variety of new decorative elements that players can use to enhance and personalize their in-game creations. Space Engineers is a voxel-based sandbox game set in space, where players can build and pilot spacecraft, construct space stations, and explore various celestial bodies. The Decorative Pack #2 aims to provide additional aesthetic options for those looking to add more detail and visual flair to their creative endeavors in the game.

Features of Space Engineers - Decorative Pack #2

- New Decorative Elements: Introduces a range of new items such as lights, signs, and structural pieces that can be used to decorate and detail player-built structures.

- Enhanced Aesthetics: Offers a variety of visual enhancements that allow for more personalized and visually appealing creations within the game.

- Easy Integration: Designed to seamlessly integrate with the base game, allowing players to easily incorporate these new decorative items into their existing projects.

Release Date of Space Engineers - Decorative Pack #2

24 Oct, 2019

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on24 Oct, 2019
DeveloperKeen Software House
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