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About Space Engineers - Frostbite

Space Engineers - Frostbite is an expansion for the popular sandbox game Space Engineers, which is available on Steam. This expansion introduces a new environment, the Frostbite biome, where players can explore, build, and survive in a harsh, icy landscape. The base game, Space Engineers, is a voxel-based sandbox game that focuses on engineering, construction, and exploration in space. Frostbite adds a new layer of challenge and creativity to the game, offering players a unique setting to test their survival and engineering skills.

Features of Space Engineers - Frostbite

- New Biome: Frostbite - Explore a completely new biome featuring icy landscapes, frozen structures, and unique challenges.

- Enhanced Survival Mechanics - Face colder temperatures and new survival elements that require players to adapt their strategies and resource management.

- Unique Building Opportunities - Utilize new materials and designs to build in the Frostbite biome, offering a fresh experience for both new and veteran players.

- Integrated with Base Game - Seamlessly integrates with Space Engineers, allowing players to use their existing knowledge and creations in the new environment.

Release Date of Space Engineers - Frostbite

19 Mar, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on19 Mar, 2020
DeveloperKeen Software House
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