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About Space Engineers - Style Pack

Space Engineers - Style Pack is an expansion for the popular sandbox game Space Engineers, available on Steam. This pack introduces a variety of new aesthetic elements and customization options, allowing players to enhance the visual appeal of their spacecraft and space stations. Designed for fans of the base game who are looking to add more variety and personalization to their in-game creations, the Style Pack offers a fresh set of resources and designs to enrich the player's experience in the vast universe of Space Engineers.

Features of Space Engineers - Style Pack

- New Aesthetic Elements: Introduces a range of new visual components such as textures, colors, and structural designs to personalize spacecraft and stations.

- Enhanced Customization: Provides tools and options for deeper customization of in-game objects, allowing for unique and creative designs.

- Expanded Resource Pack: Includes additional resources that can be used in the construction and decoration of player-built environments, offering more versatility in gameplay.

Release Date of Space Engineers - Style Pack

6 Jun, 2019

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on6 Jun, 2019
DeveloperKeen Software House
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