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About Spectral Scream

Spectral Scream is a chilling online cooperative horror game designed for groups of up to four players. The game plunges players into the eerie realm of 'Purgatory,' a liminal space between life and death. Here, players don mysterious masks and embark on a quest to gather the scattered cores of this spectral world, working together to unravel the mysteries and horrors that await them.

Features of Spectral Scream

- Cooperative Multiplayer: Engage in a shared horror experience with up to three other players, fostering teamwork and strategy.

- Unique Setting: Explore the atmospheric and enigmatic 'Purgatory,' a space that blends elements of the living world with the unknown.

- Mysterious Masks: Each player dons a unique mask that may influence gameplay, adding layers of intrigue and personal challenge.

- Collective Objective: Work collectively to gather the scattered cores, each representing a piece of Purgatory's essence, and uncover the underlying story.

Release Date of Spectral Scream

9 May, 2024

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on9 May, 2024
DeveloperSTOIC Ent.
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