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About Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is an action-packed, cooperative multiplayer game set in a mysterious, ever-changing world. Players assume the role of Spiral Knights, adventurers who are stranded on an alien planet and must delve into its depths to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Clockworks. The game combines elements of dungeon crawling, real-time combat, and item collection, offering a dynamic experience that adapts to player actions and decisions.

Features of Spiral Knights

- Dynamic Environments: The Clockworks is a constantly evolving labyrinth, ensuring that each exploration is unique and challenging.

- Cooperative Multiplayer: Team up with other players to tackle the dangers of the Clockworks, combining skills and strategies to overcome obstacles.

- Real-Time Combat: Engage in fast-paced battles against a variety of foes, requiring quick reflexes and tactical thinking.

- Item Collection and Crafting: Gather resources and craft new equipment to enhance your abilities and adapt to the challenges ahead.

Release Date of Spiral Knights

14 Jun, 2011

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on14 Jun, 2011
DeveloperGrey Havens
LanguagesEnglish,French,German,Spanish - Spain