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About Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now

Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now is a thrilling top-down shooter that immerses players in a film-noir inspired singleplayer campaign. Set in an apocalyptic city overrun by zombies and monsters, the game offers a visceral experience with its gory splatter effects and destructible level environments. Players must navigate through this chaotic world, fighting their way through hordes of undead in both the story mode and a challenging survival mode.

Features of Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now

- Film-Noir Campaign: Experience a dark and atmospheric singleplayer campaign set in a film-noir style apocalyptic city.

- Gory Splatter Effects: Enjoy realistic and gruesome splatter effects that enhance the intensity of each battle.

- Destructible Environments: Interact with a fully destructible environment, adding a layer of strategy to your combat tactics.

- Challenging Enemies: Face off against a variety of challenging zombies and monsters, each with unique behaviors and attack patterns.

- Survival Mode: Test your skills in a relentless survival mode where the goal is to stay alive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies.

Release Date of Splatter - Zombiecalypse Now

4 Jun, 2014

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on4 Jun, 2014
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