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About Splody

Splody is a modern take on the classic couch competitive genre, reminiscent of the beloved Bomberman. Players engage in frantic, explosive battles where the goal is to strategically place bombs, dodge incoming blasts, and outwit friends to claim victory. With a focus on multiplayer fun, Splody offers a seamless experience for both local and online play, allowing for virtually unlimited participants in its explosive arenas.

Features of Splody

- Classic Gameplay Revival: Emulates the timeless fun of placing bombs and navigating through mazes to outlast opponents.

- Multiplayer Extravaganza: Supports both local and online multiplayer modes, accommodating a large number of players for dynamic, chaotic matches.

- Power-Up Collection: Incorporates a variety of power-ups that enhance gameplay, adding strategic depth and excitement to each match.

- Smooth Gameplay Experience: Ensures a fluid and responsive gameplay experience, crucial for fast-paced, competitive matches.

Release Date of Splody

21 Mar, 2017

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on21 Mar, 2017
DeveloperDashing Strike
LanguagesEnglish,Spanish - Spain,Spanish - Latin America